Muzzy Comes Back

Muzzy Comes Back

Muzzy Comes Back (also known as Muzzy 2) is a sequel to the animated TV film Muzzy in Gondoland, created by the BBC in 1989 as a way of teaching English as a second language.


Muzzy, the friendly green clock-eating monster from outer space, returns for more adventures with his friends in Gondoland. Everyone expects him, and King Nigel and Queen Ezra decide to arrange a ball for the christening of Bob and Sylvia's new baby daughter Amanda. Meanwhile, Corvax, a servant and the villain of the previous film, invents an invisibility device and, with his assistant named 'Thimbo (the Terrible)', a thief on parole, plans to kidnap Amanda, to get revenge on Bob for tricking him and taking Sylvia away from him.


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    director Richard Taylor
    keywords christen end kidnap new baby offscreen outer space parole thief
    publisher BBC
    theme animated