Pandoy: Ang Alalay ng Panday

Pandoy: Ang Alalay ng Panday is a 1993 action comedy film adaptation of the original Ang Panday co-written and directed by Tony Y. Reyes and starring Joey de Leon who is known for his impersonation of the original lead, Fernando Poe Jr.


Pandoy was chosen to fight the dark horde in the absence of Flavio, a famed Panday. He is said to forged a similar magic dagger turning sword from the remnants of Flavio's original meterorite gemstone metal, where host Ka- Elias showed a path to Santa Monica. During the aftermath of Flavio's last duel against Lizardo, the prince of darkness, Panday took a warrior's pilgrimage in search to destroy the remaining relics that could resurrect Lizardo, leaving the remaining dark forces unrivaled. Flavio's journey was concealed and it was uncertain when he could return under the "Itim na Aklat". Pandoy lives in the grand stable together with his long-time friend Kadyo. He is madly in love with Cristina, daughter of the aristocratic Lord or "Don" of the Grand stable.