Ini Oru Sudhanthiram

Ini Oru Sudhanthiram

Ini Oru Sudhanthiram is a 1987 Indian Tamil-language film directed by Manivannan.


Sathyamoorthy is an Indian liberal leader. He tries to obtain his pension money, but all his attempts are futile. His daughter Kannamma gets cheated by a collector and she gives birth to a baby but the collector avoids that baby. The collector is killed by Sathyamoorthy, who is sentenced to death. How the lives of such a leader and his family changes due to circumstances, forms the crux of the story.


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    director Manivannan
    editor Gowthaman
    genre drama
    keywords kill pension
    musicBy Gangai Amaran
    producer Thirupur N. Venkatachalam
    productionCompany Kalaikovil