Full Confession

Full Confession

Full Confession is a 1939 is a US proto film-noir, crime drama film made by RKO Radio Pictures. It was directed by John Farrow from an adaptation by Jerome Cady of Leo Birinski's story. The film stars Victor McLaglen, Sally Eilers, Barry Fitzgerald and Joseph Calleia.


Pat McGinnis (Victor McLaglen) murders a policeman and escapes by committing a more minor crime, for which he is arrested and jailed. An innocent man, Michael O'Keefe (Barry Fitzgerald), is convicted of the murder and sentenced to death. While delirious after an injury, McGinnis confesses to priest Father Loma (Joseph Calleia). Loma, whose flock includes McGinnis's girlfriend Molly Sullivan (Sally Eilers) as well as the O'Keefe clan, struggles to find a way to save O'Keefe without violating the sanctity of confession. He must convince McGinnis to give himself up.

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    director John Farrow
    editor Harry Marker
    genre crime drama
    keywords arrest innocent man jail
    musicBy Roy Webb
    producer Robert Sisk
    publisher RKO Radio Pictures
    theme noir