La soberana

La soberana

La soberana is a Venezuelan drama telenovela created by Xiomara Moreno, based on the Spain novel La Regenta written by Leopoldo Alas y Ureña. It stars Eileen Abad, Albi De Abreu, and Nacho Huett. It is distributed by RCTV International and Coral Pictures. The series tells the story of Ana and Álvaro, two young people who will face the toughest adversities to fight for the immense love they have had since they were children.


The Andean town of Vetusta is a hive of gossip and hypocrisy that Ana Ozores will come to know very well. Cradled in poverty despite being the daughter of the powerful Emiliano Ozores, Ana is collected by her paternal aunts, Águeda and Rosa Ozores. Although Ana is the apparent heir of the family fortune, her aunts, especially Águeda, humiliate her by reminding her of being a bastard. Ana seeks solace in a romance with Álvaro Mesías, but when he goes to study far, Ana's life with her aunts becomes intolerable. Don Víctor Quintana, Vetusta's most powerful man, asks for Ana's hand and she accepts it, happy to be able to flee her home. However, his marriage life will be a martyrdom, aggravated by the return of Álvaro; When he learns of Anna's betrayal, he vows revenge. Ana finds a way to prevent Víctor from compelling her to fulfill her conjugal duties, but still, she must remain with him. To top it all two problems arise in his life: Vetusta arrives at the seminarian Angel, an alleged stepbrother of Ana, who comes to dispute the inheritance of his father. Likewise, Chery Benavides, a woman of the world who is interested in Álvaro, also arrives.