Numbertime is a BBC educational numeracy television series for primary schools that was aired on BBC Two from 19 September 1994 to 3 December 2001. For its first four series, it was presented by Lolita Chakrabarti. El Nombre, an animated character from Numbertime, eventually became the concept for another educational BBC children's television program; his name means "The Name" in Spanish, and not "The Number", which would be "El Número". The third line of his opening song and his farewell catchphrase were also changed several times during the series' run, to reflect their focus - however, the original ones ("Writing numbers in the desert sand" which was also used for the seventh series, and "Adios amigos, and keep counting" which was also used for the fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth series) remain the most famous.


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    genre action animation
    publisher BBC Two