Bevor der Blitz einschlägt

Before the Lightning Strikes is an East German comedy film directed by Richard Groschopp. It was released in 1959.


Heinz, an ambitious reporter of the Berlin am Morgen newspaper, had made a fatal error when he prepared an article about a locomotive's factory, confusing the successful and motivated Schneider Workers' Brigade with the negligent Schindler Brigade. He also presented the tyrannical manager as a paragon of virtue. Heinz's editor, Christine, decides to send him to the factory for another mission, and this time he should mingle with workers by joining them. Heinz, who takes the new assignment with little enthusiasm, becomes a highly motivated laborer and even manages to influence the Brigades' members to stop quarrelling. He also helps the manager to reconnect with his subordinates. Heinz's second article is welcomed as brilliant.

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    director Richard Groschopp
    editor Helga Emmrich
    genre comedy
    keywords confuse factory
    musicBy Hans Hendrik Wehding
    producer Willi Teichmann
    productionCompany DEFA
    publisher Progress Film