Fall into Darkness

Fall into Darkness is a 1996 television movie based on the young adult novel by Christopher Pike, who also executive-produced. The film stars Tatyana M. Ali, Jonathan Brandis, Charlotte Ross and Sean Murray. It originally aired on NBC on November 25, 1996.


Sharon McKay (Tatyana M. Ali) meets Jerry (Sean Murray) and his sister Ann Price (Charlotte Ross). After Sharon turns down Jerry, he falls into a state of depression, gets drunk, and wanders onto some train tracks and is killed. Ann believes Sharon is responsible for Jerry's death. Ann decides to frame Sharon for her (Ann's) murder with the help of her friend Paul. Things go as planned on the hiking trip that Sharon, Ann and several of their friends attend, as Sharon then is accused of Ann's murder, but Ann never resurfaces and it seems nothing is as it appears to be.

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    genre thriller
    keywords hike kill nothing train tracks
    publisher NBC
    theme teen