La Paloma

La Paloma

La Paloma (English title: The Dove) is a Mexican telenovela produced by José Rendón for Televisa in 1995. Gerardo Hemmer and Maite Embil starred as protagonists. The telenovela was cancelled abruptly due to the death of its protagonist Gerardo Hemmer. It was supposed to go on after his death, but after filming a couple more scenes, Televisa had decided to just cancel it altogether. It is to date the only telenovela that has suddenly gone off air, leaving it unfinished at 50 episodes.


Ramiro López Yergo owns a funeral home, and controls with an iron fist to his wife Teresa and three children. Although it appears to be of high moral character Ramiro has a lover, Lilia, and it is a corrupt and greedy man.


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    contentLocation Mexico City
    director Luis Vélez
    keywords funeral home greedy man iron fist
    publisher Canal de las Estrellas