Raja is a 2002 Indian Tamil-language romance film directed by Ezhil which stars Ajith Kumar, Jyothika and Priyanka Trivedi in the lead roles. The film opened in July 2002 to mixed reviews and performed poorly at the box office.The film was dubbed into Telugu as Nuvvu Naaku Kavali.


Raja (Ajith Kumar) is paranoid about getting married. Priya Mahalakshmi (Jyothika) arrives at his place acting as his friend Madhi’s (Livingston) lover. However the truth comes to light and on confrontation, she reveals that her father (Devan) plans to marry her off so she ran away from home and needs a place to stay. Raja obliges and she meets Raja’s parents, introducing herself as Raja’s lover. Raja’s parents become very happy and plan their marriage, without Raja knowing. On the day of the engagement, Raja gets infuriated and asks Priya to move out, throwing her bag. A photo gets dislodged and when Raja sees it, he gets shocked; it is Priya (Priyanka Trivedi), who he loved.