Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg

Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg is a 1994 American made-for-television crime drama film directed by Michael Toshiyuki Uno. The film is based on actual events and was received with mixed reviews. Variety was positive, claiming that the movie was told with 'great emotional depth'.


When she was 16-years old, Laurie met and fell in love with an older man, 31-year old Bruce Kellogg. She soon moves in with him, and doesn't know that her stepfather actually sold her to him for $500. They are happy at first, but it soon becomes clear that he has an obsession with young girls. Naïve, Laurie doesn't notice anything, and does everything to please him. Bruce grows to become more violent, and begins regularly beating her up. Laurie eventually encourages her teenage friends to kill him. After the murder, she is charged with the killing of her husband. From thereon, it is up to her to prove that she was a victim of domestic violence.