Pray TV

Pray TV (also known as KGOD) is a 1980 comedy film spoofing televangelism.


Failing UHF TV station KRUD, Channel 17, is "reborn" as Christian television station KGOD. The new format is a big success but attracts an incompatible mix of fringe ministries and broadcasters wanting time on the station. A series of humorous vignettes show the different religious shows the station broadcasts: a faith healer, a radical black nationalist preacher, a preacher with a drive-in church, a Christian game show, etc.

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    director Rick Friedberg
    genre comedy
    keywords black nationalist faith healer game show tv station uhf
    musicBy George S. Clinton
    producer Tina Stern
    productionCompany ABC Circle Films
    publisher Filmways Pictures
    theme parody