The Wizard of Stone Mountain

The Wizard of Stone Mountain

The Wizard of Stone Mountain is a 2011 fantasy-adventure fan film based upon Mattel's Masters of the Universe franchise and Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The film was directed by John F. Carroll and Russell Minton during the summer of 2010 around Austin, Texas and the Texas Hill Country.


On the planet Eternia, both the forces of good and evil struggle for the ultimate power of the universe. But for some, power is not enough. The evil Skeletor, ever plotting his conquest of Eternia turns his eye to one of the last remaining wizards of the old kingdom—Malik, The Wizard of Stone Mountain. Tucked in the sleepy village of Artana at the base of the Mystic Mountains, Skeletors' ally, Evil-Lyn summons a demon, Locus, to manipulate Malik. Tampering with magic beyond his control, Malik makes a Faustian deal with Locus to help his people and win the love of his life. It is up to the heroic Masters of the Universe to save Malik from certain doom.