Getting In

Getting In, also known as Student Body, is a 1994 American black comedy film directed by Doug Liman starring Andrew McCarthy and Stephen Mailer.


When Rupert Grim learns that there are several students ahead of him in line to be admitted to medical school he devises a plan for them each to meet with a series of unfortunate '"accidents". Gabriel Higgs also is in need to get into the school, considering that every generation ahead of him has been a doctor. He attempts to bribe both Amanda Morel and Randall Burns, but they refuse to be bribed. Instead, both are both arrogant and belittle Gabriel. If it wasn't for the hacking skills of his friend Ron, Gabriel wouldn't have made the list at all. Gabriel then attempts to think of away to bribe Kirby Watts, but he falls in love with her instead, though he's rebuffed there as well.