Trinity Seven the Movie: The Eternal Library and the Alchemist Girl

is a 2017 Japanese anime fantasy romantic comedy film.


At the infirmary, Arata recounts his dream to Lieselotte, currently possessing her sister Selina's body, who offers her bottom to touch, much to Selina's distress and Lilith's refusal. Nevertheless, Lieselotte promises to grant him permission for her actual body although the girls again denounce such an action. Afterwards, the group discusses the significance of his dream, as well as the reason for Lilith's grimoire, Hermes Apocrypha, shining. However, when Arata touches Hermes, the grimore illuminates before Arata suddenly partially transforms into the Demon Lord which his grimoires quickly attempt to control. Meanwhile, Hermes continues to absorb his magic until a young girl unexpectedly appears. While the group is astonished by the grimoire's transformation, the young girl suddenly address Arata and Lilith as her parents to their surprise. Nevertheless, after recovering from the shock, Arata questions the girl of her identity, but she instead requests that he give her a name. In response, Arata suggests Lilim since she resembles Lilith which the child happily accepts. Arin then arrives upon hearing that Arata and Lilith bore a child, only to become enthralled by Lilim's appearance. The Trinity Seven offers to allow Lilim to address her as mother as well, although the grimoire refuses much to Arin's frustration. Arin then explains that because Lilim possesses both Arata and Lilith's magic, she had believed that the child was theirs but realizes her mistake. Yui next arrives after sensing a strong magic but upon witnessing Lilim becomes jealous that Arata created an offspring with Lilith. The teacher attempts to deny the misunderstanding but eventually concedes to the idea much to Lilim's excitement. Arata then asks Levi, who was hiding in the room, to explain the situation, which the ninja reveals that Hermes had absorbed his magic to transform into a human. Following her explanation, both Akio and Mira arrive to investigate the source of an impure magic when Mira also becomes captivated by Lilim while the misapprehensions continue. Subsequently, Lieselotte and Yui also attempt to use Arata to transform their grimoires as well with no success while the young grimoire is pampered by the remaining girls. However, Arata eventually faints since his magic had been assimilated into Lilim much to Lilith's concern.