Rahi (Hindi: राही, The Wayfarer) is a 1953 Hindi social drama film produced and directed by K. A. Abbas.


Dev Anand is an ex-army officer who gets a job in a tea estate. He is hired as an over-all manager by the English owners. Anand proves a loyal and diligent worker meting out punishment to the workers on the behest of his owners. He falls in love with one of the tea-picking girls (Nalini Jaywant). The workers rebel against the harsh and sometimes brutal management of the estate owners. Nalini Jaywant is shot by the owner in the rioting when the workers get out of control. A gradual change has also come over Anand, especially in his dealings with the tea workers, and losing interest, he leaves the place.

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    director Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
    editor Mohan Rathod
    genre drama social
    keywords lose out of control
    musicBy Anil Biswas
    producer Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
    productionCompany Naya Sansar
    publisher Naya Sansar