Angst is a 2000 black comedy directed by Daniel Nettheim and starring Sam Lewis, Jessica Napier, Justin Smith and Abi Tucker. It was written by Anthony O'Connor. It was shot in and around Sydney, Australia. The film was released in Australian theatres on 31 August 2000.


Angst tells the story of a group of horror film devotees living in Sydney's King's Cross. There's Dean (Sam Lewis), a cynical, sexually frustrated video store employee with a bad case of unresolved love. Then there are his flatmates Ian (Justin Smith) and Jade (Jessica Napier) - Ian works in an adult bookstore, waiting for his break as a stand-up comedian, whereas Jade doesn't work at all, content to smoke pot and watch videos while she can still get away with it. Wandering into our characters' lives is street kid Mole (Luke Lennox), who challenges Jade's lifestyle by stealing the trio's trusty VCR, and the alluring May (Abi Tucker), a goth chick on whom Dean develops an over-the-counter crush.