The Last Precinct

The Last Precinct

The Last Precinct is an American sitcom television series that aired on NBC from January 26 to May 30, 1986 on Friday nights at 9:00pm. The series stars Adam West as Capt. Rick Wright, leading a group of misfit police academy rejects. The pilot for the Stephen J. Cannell series debuted after Super Bowl XX in 1986, but the show was canceled within two months of its April premiere. This was the only sitcom from Stephen J. Cannell Productions.


An odd mix of cops, including a transsexual and an Elvis impersonator, are given one final opportunity to distinguish themselves in the field of law enforcement, when they are assigned to the 56th Precinct, LA's seediest and most woebegone unit. Under the leadership of Capt. Rick Wright, these losers-in-blue attempt possible redemption, if they can make an arrest without killing themselves.


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    contentLocation Los Angeles
    director Michael Lange
    genre comedy crime
    keywords kill law enforcement
    musicBy Mike Post
    publisher 20th Television NBC