The Twelve Months

The Twelve Months is a 1973 Soviet Lenfilm fantasy film directed by Anatoliy Granik based on the play by Samuil Marshak adapted from the fairy tale with the same name.


A young beautiful orphan Girl lives with her uncaring Stepmother, who treats her like a servant, and her spoiled foolish Stepsister. The two of them send her to gather firewood on New Year's Eve. While in the forest, the Girl discovers that odd things are happening: animals begin to talk and play like humans. An elderly Soldier, whom she befriends, tells her that on that day miracles always happen. He mentions that an ancestor of his was lucky enough to meet the Twelve Months in person on New Year's Day.

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    director Anatoliy Granik
    genre drama fantasy
    keywords happen new year obsess spoil spring
    musicBy Nadezhda Simonyan
    publisher Lenfilm