Pirates of Malaysia

Pirates of Malaysia

The Pirates of Malaysia is a 1964 swashbuckler directed by Umberto Lenzi and starring Steve Reeves as Sandokan the pirate. This film was a sequel to Reeve's 1963 film Sandokan the Great, also directed by Lenzi. Malaysian rebel, Sandokan, with his group of renegades, tries to thwart an evil British general from forcing the good Sultan Hassim to resign in favor of the Imperial crown.


The cruel Lord James Guillonk, faithful of Queen Victoria, is the governor of the territories of Borneo and Malaysia. His archenemy is the Indian pirate Sandokan, who along with his "tigers" delivers continuous attacks against British armies.

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    contentLocation Malaysia
    director Umberto Lenzi
    editor Jolanda Benvenuti
    events piracy
    genre adventure
    keywords borneo kali kidnap lost love move queen victoria sandokan
    musicBy Giovanni Fusco
    producer Solly V. Bianco
    theme swashbuckler