Aruba is a 2006 Canadian coming-of-age dramatic short film and the fiction debut of director Hubert Davis. It was his first major work after his Academy Award-nominated film Hardwood.


Milan (A.J. Saudin) is an 11-year-old boy who dreams about escaping a violent home life. When his parents fight or take drugs, or when bullies pick on him in school, he finds peace in contemplating a postcard with an idyllic picture of the island of Aruba, and imagines himself in that faraway place as a way to survive.

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    director Hubert Davis
    editor Hubert Davis
    genre drama
    keywords aruba
    musicBy Fraser MacDougall Michael White
    producer David Miller Hubert Davis Sam McLaren
    productionCompany Brown Entertainment Shine Films Sienna Films
    recordedAt Toronto
    theme independent short