Chakravarthy is a 1977 Indian Tamil-language film directed by Krishnan–Panju.


Chakravarthy, a rich boy; Ranjit, a criminal's son brought up by Chakravarthy's family; and Prakash are close friends. Chakravarthy, who becomes a renowned surgeon, finds his short temper the main cause of rift between him and Ranjit, who had become a police officer. Chakravarthy, by saving Ranjit's wife from molestation and rescuing Ranjit's own sister from the slums eventually clears his friend's misunderstandings about him.


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    director Krishnan-Panju
    genre action drama
    keywords misunderstand police officer
    musicBy Sankar Ganesh
    productionCompany P. V. T. Productions
    theme action drama