Karthigai Pengal   கார்த்திகை பெண்கள்

Karthigai Pengal கார்த்திகை பெண்கள்

Karthigai Pengal is an Indian Tamil-language soap opera that aired on Sun TV from 30 July 2012 to 23 August 2013 aired Monday through Friday at 10:00PM IST for 266 episodes. The story of a woman who faces many problems in life. But she faces them with a smile, works with others and makes sure that everyone around her is happy.


This serial showed the story of girls in a hostel, with Charu (Shruti) as the main character. It made a deep impact and gave new confidence to women who are staying alone for different life reasons. It told them they can face their challenges with support from other good people. Charu (Shruti) and other hostel girls’ (Divya, Anandhi) life as depicted in this serial worked a proof for this. For this reason.


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    genre drama
    keywords shruti