Enter the Game of Death

Enter the Game of Death (Hanja: 十字手拳, ), originally released as Cross Hands Martial Arts and released in North America as The King of Kung Fu, is a Bruceploitation martial arts film. This film was directed by Lee Tso-nam, who helmed previous Bruceploitation films Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger and Fist of Fury II, and features an early appearance by Steve James who would later go on to star in the American Ninja film series.Bolo Yeung also appears as a protagonist(Yang San) beaten first at 15.02 in 'Enter the Game of Death'


There's a mysterious Chinese document that's hidden in the Tower of Death, and evil Japanese occupiers want to get their hands on it. Meanwhile, a Chinese fighter named Mr. An (Bruce Le) is training in the forest, only to be challenged by several Japanese fighters as well as one of the main Japanese henchmen Bolo (Bolo Yeung). He defeats the other fighters, but flees from Bolo when he pulls out a sword. Mr. An and Bolo meet again in a wrestling ring, where Mr. Ang once again defeats Bolo.