Nafrathuvumun is a 2019 Maldivian romantic film written and directed by Yoosuf Shafeeu. Produced by Shafeeu under Eupe Productions, the film stars Mariyam Azza, Ali Azim, Ahmed Easa and Yoosuf Shafeeu in pivotal roles. The film was released on 9 April 2019.


Reesha (Mariyam Azza), a wealthy businesswoman goes bankrupt and is strongly determined not to sell her guesthouse, though her husband Lamiu (Ahmed Easa) continuously persuade her to sell the property. Convinced by her friend, Maaniu (Yoosuf Shafeeu), Reesha agrees to rent the guesthouse for a long term to Shamin (Ali Azim). Unintentionally, Reesha grows closer to Shamin and seeks divorce from Lamiu.


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    director Yoosuf Shafeeu
    editor Yoosuf Shafeeu
    musicBy Abdul Basith
    producer Yoosuf Shafeeu
    productionCompany Eupe Productions