Nivairoalhi is a 2019 Maldivian film written and directed by Moomin Fuad. Produced by Niuma Mohamed under NiuXo Films, the film stars Yoosuf Shafeeu, Aminath Rishfa, Zeenath Abbas, Ahmed Saeed, Nashidha Mohamed, and Ahmed Azmeel. The film was released on 3 January 2019.


Mana (Niuma Mohamed) and Riffath (Yoosuf Shafeeu) are a modern dual-career couple, much to the disappointment of their parents, who look forward to a grandchild. Mana returns for a study break from abroad and Riffath observes a distinctive change in her behavior. The relationship between the couple is affected by Mana's mood swings.


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    director Moomin Fuad
    editor Hussain Adnan
    musicBy Fathuhulla Abdul Fahthah
    producer Niuma Mohamed
    productionCompany Niuxo Films