Kalavathi is a 1951 Indian Tamil-language fantasy comedy film written and directed by L. S. Ramachandran based on a story by T. K. Sundara Vathiyar and Chidambaram A. M. Nataraja Kavi. The film stars T. S. Durairaj, T. A. Jayalakshmi and E. R. Sahadevan. It revolves around the dispute between two goddesses over who is superior, and a farmer who they use to determine the answer. The film was released on 23 February 1951.


Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. Both argue over who is superior, and use an illiterate farmer to determine the answer.

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    director L. S. Ramachandran
    editor N. P. Rathinam
    genre comedy fantasy
    keywords lakshmi saraswati
    musicBy M. S. Gnanamani
    productionCompany Windsor Productions
    theme fantasy-comedy