A Fighter's Blues

A Fighter's Blues

A Fighter's Blues is a 2000 Hong Kong drama film written and directed by Daniel Lee, produced by and starring Andy Lau. Lau, who displays profound emotions as a kickboxer who persistently pursues dignity and honorary value in the film, was awarded the Golden Bauhinia Awards for Best Actor for his performance. Released on 21 December 2000, A Fighter's Blues is Lau's 100th film role.


After spending 13 years in jail for killing one of his opponents Chat Chai in the dressing room after breaking up the fight because of a quarrel with his girlfriend Pim, Mong Fu (Andy Lau), a washed up Muay Thai kickboxer returns to Thailand to look for his old love. Upon arrival in Bangkok, he finds out that she died and that he has a 14-year-old daughter. He finds the orphanage and meets his daughter and starts a relationship with sister Mioko who runs the orphanage. To clean his past, he challenges the current and more than 15 years younger champion, who wants to avenge Chai.