Hoje É Dia de Maria Today is Maria's Day

Hoje É Dia de Maria (English: Today is Maria's Day) was a Brazilian miniseries directed and written by Luiz Fernando Carvalho, co-written by Luis Alberto de Abreu and Carlos Alberto Soffredini, basing themselves on a selection of stories taken from popular Brazilian oral storytelling tradition, collected by the writers Câmara Cascudo, Mário de Andrade and Silvio Romero. It was produced in 8 episodes and exhibited in 2005 by Rede Globo.


This is a story filled with other stories. Hidden in our childhood memories, these stories still stay with us secretly, awaiting only the right moment to reappear. That's the substance of Maria's journey through the world, like a small Ulysses trying to get home to her parents.


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    director Luiz Fernando Carvalho
    publisher Rede Globo