Trap for Cinderella

Trap for Cinderella

Trap for Cinderella is a 1965 French-Italian psychological thriller film directed by André Cayatte. It is adapted from Sébastien Japrisot's novel of the same name.


The young Michèle Isola, who is about to inherit a fortune from her godmother, scarcely survives a terrible fire. When she regains consciousness it becomes evident she suffers with amnesia. Once her physical health is stable again, she is allowed to leave the hospital. Yet the currently mentally fragile patient still needs somebody to take care of her for the time being. Her former nanny Jeanne shall support her. Michèle, who is haunted by flashbacks, appreciates Jeanne's help until certain information arouses her suspicion. In secret she starts now an investigation

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    director André Cayatte
    editor Paul Cayatte
    events amnesia
    genre thriller
    keywords consciousness haunt nanny
    musicBy Louis Guglielmi
    producer Alain Poiré
    theme psychological thriller