Dani's House

Dani's House

Dani's House is a British children's comedy-drama series broadcast on CBBC and starring Dani Harmer. The first series premiered on 26 September 2008, and its fifth series concluded on 19 July 2012. It has received several awards and nominations from BAFTA Kids. A spin-off called Dani's Castle aired from 2013 to 2015. Currently, all 5 series are available to stream on BBC iplayer.


Dani is a teenage actress and singer who is regularly left in charge of her younger brother Max, his friend Ben, and their youngest baby sibling, "the baby from hell" who is only shown in a cot. She and her friends Toby and Sam spend most of their time at her house in a den hangout. As they go about their lives, they encounter some bizarre situations. Meanwhile, two aliens known as Coordinators (Coordinator Zang and Coordinator Zark) observe their actions. In series 2, Dani's family has moved to a new house. Toby has gone to medical school, and Dani becomes friends with Jack. The "baby from hell" is no longer referenced but is replaced by a "cat from hell", who also disappears in series 3 and who is also Jack's nemesis.