Pokkiri Thambi

Pokkiri Thambi is a 1992 Indian Tamil thriller film directed by Senthilnathan. The film features Anandaraj and Kaveri in lead roles, with Vijayakumar, Janagaraj, Jayanthkumar, Balambika, Kumarimuthu, Bayilvan Ranganathan, Anuja, Kullamani, Boopathi Raja and King Kong playing supporting roles. The film had musical score by Deva and was released on 22 May 1992.


In a remote village, many young women have mysteriously disappeared the night and their dead bodies are found the following day. Pannaiyar (Vijayakumar), the village chief, promises the villagers to find and punish the culprit. Thambidurai (Anandaraj) is an angry young man who works hard the day in Pannaiyar's farm and enjoys drinking arrack the night. He lives with his mother (V. R. Thilagam) and his sister Selvi (Balambika). Thereafter, Selvi and Pannaiyar's son Jayanthkumar (Jayanthkumar) fall in love with each other but Pannaiyar refuses to marry them and humiliates Thambidurai. A vengeful Thambidurai then sneaks into Pannaiyar's house the night and he forcefully rapes Kaveri (Kaveri) thinking that she is Pannaiyar's daughter.