Killer Flood: The Day the Dam Broke

Killer Flood: The Day the Dam Broke is a 2003 American made-for-television disaster film starring Joe Lando, Michele Greene and Bruce Boxleitner. It was produced by PorchLight Pictures and David Giancola's Edgewood Entertainment and first shown by Pax TV.


A dam outside a town is filling up with water due to heavy rains. David Powell, the disgraced architect of the dam building project, comes back to town to reunite with his estranged family, however he is rejected, with his wife claiming that he came back purely to see the dam. David then visits the dam and reveals that the project manager cut corners in order to take money himself and framed the architect to hide his own corruption. The dam's resident engineer, Frank, David's son, Garth and David himself set out to relieve the growing pressure on the dam wall, however the pressure release does not work, as corner cutting had led to this portion not being completed. Through flooding the warehouse district, Frank allows the townspeople enough time to escape, sacrificing himself in the process.