Under One Roof

Under One Roof

Under One Roof is a 2002 independent gay-themed romance film directed by Todd Wilson and starring Jay Wong, James Marks, Sandra Lee, and starring James Quedado. Shot on digital video, the film tells the story of a young gay Chinese-American man's search for true love and family acceptance within a framework of traditional norms. Under One Roof played worldwide at LGBTQ film festivals following its release.


Daniel Chang (Wong) is a twenty-something second-generation Chinese-American living at home in San Francisco with his widowed mother, who can speak broken English, and his grandmother (his father's mother), who cannot speak English. Ever since his father died, he has fulfilled his patriarchal duty as first and only son by managing the family business and looking after his mother. Being gay, he avoids the second major responsibility of carrying on the family line through heterosexual marriage and reproduction. Out of respect for his mother's values, he tries to keep, as he puts it, his home life and his "homo life" separate. By not directly telling his mother that he is gay, he has unwittingly found himself in a tense but hilarious situation where his mother continually pressures him to marry women of her choosing. Luckily, Daniel's female friend, Michelle, graciously rescues him from the constant onslaught of potential dates by pretending to be his steady girlfriend (for a price), which deflects his need to come out to his mother.