Where Is the Friend's Home?

Where Is the Friend's Home? (, Khane-ye dust kojast) is a 1987 Iranian drama film directed and written by Abbas Kiarostami. The title derived from a poem by Sohrab Sepehri, it is considered the first installment in Kiarostami's Koker trilogy, followed by Life, and Nothing More... and Through the Olive Trees, all of which take place in Koker, Iran.


As he prepares to do his homework, Ahmed realizes that he accidentally brought home a notebook belonging to one of his classmates. Knowing that his friend may be expelled if he does not have the notebook in order to complete his homework, Ahmed goes looking for his classmate. When he is unable to find his friend's home, Ahmed ends up doing the homework for his friend; the homework is deemed excellent by the teacher.


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    contentLocation Iran
    director Abbas Kiarostami
    editor Abbas Kiarostami
    genre drama
    keywords belong expel
    producer Ali Reza Zarrin