The True Game of Death 決鬥死亡塔

The True Game of Death 決鬥死亡塔

The True Game of Death is a low budget 1979 Bruceploitation film, starring Hsao Lung. The film borrows heavily from Golden Harvest's 1978 Game of Death.


The film begins with footage of Bruce Lee's funeral. The narrator then says that there is a new actor "who looks quite like him" that will become Lee's successor. He is introduced in a training montage. His name is Hsao Lung. Later Hsao Lung is filming a movie. On the set, he is approached by a group of gangsters, led by a man named George, who want to control Hsao Lung. Hsao Lung declines, so they go after his girlfriend Alice, forcing her poison Hsao. During sex, the poison takes action and Hsao supposedly dies. Hsao fakes his death and pretends to be a chef so that he can watch over Alice. Alice finds that Hsao faked his death and becomes angry and leaves him.


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    director Chen Tien-Tai Steve Harries
    genre action
    keywords arrest bruce lee color sex
    producer Tien Wai Cheung
    theme kung fu martial arts