Udalaazham (lit. Body Deep) is a 2018 Indian Paniya / Malayalam drama film written and directed by Unnikrishnan Avala. It features actors Mani, Remya Valsala, Anumol, Indrans, Sajitha Madathil, Joy Mathew and Nilambur Ayisha in the lead roles. Produced by Dr. Manoj K. T., Dr. Rajesh Kumar M. P. and Dr. Sajish M. under the banner of Doctors' Dilemma, it is Avala's debut feature.


Gulikan, a tribal transgender from the deep jungle settlement in Kerala was married in childhood to Maathi. Born and brought up as a boy, he has the soul of a girl. He is constantly being abused whenever he steps out of the forest looking for work. Two unfortunate love affairs culminates into destruction. Hounded by the society that wants to capture and kill, he is on the run.

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    director Unnikrishnan Avala
    editor Appu N. Bhattathiri
    genre drama
    keywords abuse love affair married on the run
    musicBy Sithara Krishnakumar
    productionCompany Doctors' Dilemma
    publisher 72 Film Company
    theme lgbt-related