Little Big Man

Little Big Man is a 1970 American Western film directed by Arthur Penn and based on the 1964 novel Little Big Man by Thomas Berger. While broadly categorized as a western, or an epic, the film encompasses several literary/film genres, including comedy, drama and adventure. It is about a white male child raised by the Cheyenne nation during the 19th century. The film is largely concerned with contrasting the lives of American pioneers and Native Americans throughout the progression of the boy's life. It stars Dustin Hoffman, Chief Dan George, Faye Dunaway, Martin Balsam, Jeff Corey and Richard Mulligan.


In 1970, 121year-old Jack Crabb, the oldest man in the world, is residing in a hospice and recounts his life story to a curious historian. Among other things, Crabb claims to have been a captive of the Cheyenne, a gunslinger, an associate of Wild Bill Hickok, a scout for General George Armstrong Custer, and the sole white survivor of the Battle of the Little Bighorn.


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    award National Film Registry National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor
    contentLocation South Dakota
    director Arthur Penn
    editor Dede Allen
    genre adventure comedy-drama western
    keywords 7th cavalry 7th cavalry regiment abduct ambush animal trapping arriero attack battle of the little bighorn battle of washita river burial ground business partner capture cavalry officer cheyenne contrary debrief forced to kill foster care foster parents general store george armstrong custer giving birth great spirit gunslinger heemaneh henpecked husband hermit hide indian burial ground kill life story little bighorn march muleskinner native american new life nothing old man older sister pawnee pawnee people present day sever shop owner sibling snake-oil stagecoach tarred and feathered think town drunk trapper traumatize two-spirit upbringing washita river widow wild bill hickok wound young man
    musicBy John P. Hammond
    nomination Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role BAFTA Award for Best Film Music Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor United Nations Awards
    producer Stuart Millar
    productionCompany Cinema Center Films
    publisher National General Pictures Warner Bros. Pictures
    recordedAt Alberta Billings Calgary Crow Agency Crow Indian Reservation Hardin Lame Deer Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument Little Bighorn River Montana Morley, Alberta Nevada City Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation Sawtelle Veterans Home Thousand Oaks Virginia City
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