The Wall of Mexico

The Wall of Mexico is a comedy-drama film directed by Zachary Cotler and Magdalena Zyzak. The film, starring Jackson Rathbone, Esai Morales, Marisol Sacramento and Carmela Zumbado, centers around a wealthy family who build a wall around their water supply in an attempt to prevent theft of their water by local townspeople.


The wealthy Mexican-American Arista family hires a new white handyman, Don (Jackson Rathbone). Don, mentored by veteran groundskeeper Mike (Xander Berkeley), labors at the ranch for months and comes to learn that something unusual is going on there, something having to do with the Arista's well; the water level keeps going down even when it rains. Meanwhile, Don has become enamored with the daughters of the family, Ximena (Carmela Zumbado) and Tania (Marisol Sacramento), especially Tania.