Dinosaur Baby Holy Heroes

Dinosaur Baby Holy Heroes

Dinosaur Baby Holy Heroes ( which literally means "Warriors of the Dragon God Baby Dinosaur") is a cartoon series created in China. The series has been shown on M6 France In October 2004.


The main character started out as a little boy named Jacky, who loves dinosaurs. His grandfather told him a story about Dinosaurs, which was a true story. A few hours later it was night. Jacky got out of bed and went to his grandfather's room. He walked slowly and he was looking for a Dinosaur book to read. He did not find one, but instead finds a device which sends him to another dimension. Before he did, his grandfather woke because of the noise that the device was making. He saw him teleport to another world. When Erick was in the Dinosaur world, he found Dinosaurs and he was happy he was there. He found a baby dinosaur surrounded by hunters and a girl named Kaia wanted to rescue the baby dinosaur. Long Xiang appeared to the crowd of hunters. They bowed to him because they saw him wear the device. The leader of the hunters wanted to get rid of Long Xiang and the baby dinosaur. Long Xiang made the baby dinosaur grow into a taller dinosaur. The dinosaur sent the leader of the hunters to the sky. The dinosaur turned back into a baby dinosaur. Long Xiang and Feng Ling started a new journey together the very end of the beginning of the series. As the journey went on they met a girl named A Guo, and a boy named Yu. All four of the children formed as a team to stop all the evil that happens, especially The Tako of Kim country. Then try to reach the goal to protect all the dinosaurs in the dinosaur world and let all the dinosaurs live in peace and stop all evil that is caused by villains who kidnapped the princess and try to take over the dinosaur world. In the very end of the series all four of the children rescued the princess and won a battle against a group of clowns. Then Kaia said her last word alone in the very last scene of the last episode in the series.