Bintou (also known as A Close-Up on Bintou) is a 2001 Burkinabé short film directed by Fanta Régina Nacro. It formed part of the 2002 collection Mama Africa.


Mother-of-three Bintou, is beaten by her husband Abel, for using housekeeping money to pay for her daughter to go to school to receive the education that she was denied in her own childhood. He believes that only his sons should be educated. Since her husband refuses to pay for a daughter to be educated, Bintou is determined to earn the money herself, however, the only skill she has is growing millet sprouts. She has to find the pots, and obtain sacks of millet from the storekeeper, while her husband continually sabotages her efforts.


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    director Fanta Régina Nacro
    editor Nano Chesnais
    musicBy Maï Lingani Yacouba Compaoré
    producer Claire Lajoumard
    publisher Zimmedia
    theme short