Powder is an Indian crime television series which aired on Sony Entertainment Television from 3 January 2010 to 24 June 2010.


Powder is about the narcotics trade in Mumbai, and two men who are on the opposite ends of the law—Head of the NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) Usmaan Malik (Manish Choudhary) and Mumbai drug kingpin Naved Ansari (Pankaj Tripathi). Both Usmaan and Naved grew up in the slums of Mumbai and chose different paths that eventually put them in front of each other. The biggest challenge for Usmaan and his team at NCB is to connect Naved with any drug bust or evidence, mainly because Naved is a ghost who does not exist in any civil records. Naved on the other hand, while fending off the authorities off his back, also struggles to climb the political ladder of his own business. The show explores the basic human traits like greed, loyalty, power, friendship, love and betrayal—while showing how the drug trade and authorities function.