Ariel is a 1988 Finnish drama film directed and written by Aki Kaurismäki. The film tells the story of Taisto Kasurinen (Turo Pajala), a Finnish coal miner who must find a way to live in the big city after the mine closes.


In Finnish Lapland, a group of coal miners are demolishing the redundant mine that has provided their income for years. One of the miners freshly out of work, Taisto Kasurinen (Turo Pajala), sits in a cafe with his depressed father, who gives Taisto the keys to his old white Cadillac convertible, then walks into the men's room and shoots himself. Kasurinen drives the convertible to Southern Finland, where he is promptly mugged and his life savings stolen. He gets a day-labor job and finds a cheap bed at a nearby hostel.