Shanee is a 1989 Pakistani science fiction film directed by Saeed Rizvi and starring Babra Sharif, Sheri Malik, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Asif Khan, Saeed Rizvi and Mohammad Ali. The film is famous for its special effects which were first used in Pakistan. The film won four Nigar Awards in 1989. The film also does not have any songs which according to director Saeed Rizvi, increased his belief in special effects.


Shanee begins with a glowing space ship that arrives in the middle of the forest near a village. A glowing figure appears and follows a terrified Babra Sharif to her house where he decides to assume the appearance of a young man he happens to view in a lovingly framed photograph. He is greeted with open arms by the villagers and especially by a blushing Babra and her family for unknown to the spaceman that he has assumed the appearance of Shanee the man who Babra was due to marry and who was supposedly brutally murdered by a villainous goon by the name of Shamsher Khan (Asif Khan).


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    director Saeed Rizvi
    genre horror science fiction
    keywords claim falling in love frame love murder young man
    musicBy Azhar Hussain
    producer Rafiq Rizvi
    productionCompany Novitas
    publisher Evernew Pictures (Pvt) Ltd.