Magnum Force is a 1973 American action thriller film and the second to feature Clint Eastwood as maverick cop Harry Callahan, after the 1971 film Dirty Harry. Ted Post, who also directed Eastwood in the television series Rawhide and the feature film Hang 'Em High, directed this second installment in the Dirty Harry film series. The screenplay was written by John Milius (who provided an uncredited rewrite for the original film) and Michael Cimino. The film score was once again composed by Lalo Schifrin. This film features early appearances by David Soul, Tim Matheson and Robert Urich.


Mobster Carmine Ricca (Richard Devon) drives away from court in his limousine after being acquitted of a mass murder on a legal technicality. However, while his limousine is on an isolated road, Ricca and his three associates are pulled over by an SFPD motorcycle cop and murdered. Inspector Harry Callahan (Eastwood) visits the crime scene alongside his partner Earlington "Early" Smith (Perry), despite the fact that the two of them are supposed to be on stakeout duty. Callahan trades barbs with their superior, Lieutenant Neil Briggs (Holbrook). After he and Early stumble upon and foil an attempt to hijack an airliner, Callahan meets rookie cops Phil Sweet (Matheson), John Davis (Soul), Alan "Red" Astrachan (Niven), and Mike Grimes (Urich) while practicing at an indoor firing range. Callahan learns from Sweet that he (and though not directly stated it is presumed the others as well) is an ex-Airborne Ranger and Special Forces veteran after loaning his gun to the rookie, being very impressed by the rookies' marksmanship. Sometime after, a motorcycle cop slaughters a mobster's pool party using a satchel charge and a submachine gun.