Jinni is a 2010 Maldivian horror film directed by Abdul Faththaah. Produced by Ahmed Sharan Hassan under Dash Studio, the film stars Ali Seezan, Mariyam Afeefa and Amira Ismail in pivotal roles. The film was released on 28 January 2010. The film is based on a true stories that occurred in an island of Maldives. The entire film is shot at B. Kamadhoo. The film took eight months to be completed and ready for release.


The film starts with the scene Javid (Ali Seezan) and his father quarreling about his wedding proposal to a girl (Amira Ismail), who is the daughter of Javid's father's friend. His mother (Aminath Rasheedha) convinced him to marry Amira, though she is aware of the fact that Seezan has been chased by a spirit and it won't allow him to marry anyone. Afterwards, his mother handed over a piece of paper to him. The film is presented in a nonlinear narrative, jumping between the present and past. In the flashbacks it reveal the past incidents which have occurred in Javid's life.