Mhorkya (The Leader) is a Marathi film, directed by Amar Bharat Deokar and produced by Swastik Preeti Film Productions and co produced by Amar Chitravani. It was bankrolled by Aespaes Lab and featured Raman Deokar and Amar Deokar in pivotal roles.


14-year-old Ashok (Ashya) is a shepherd who marches with his herds like he leads a parade and hates going to school. One day his friends drag him to school only to land him in the republic day parade practice session. But Ashya gets noticed for his powerful voice and asked to compete for the parade’s leadership spot


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    director Amar Bharat Deokar
    producer Venkatesh Padal Yuvraj Sarvade
    productionCompany Swastik Preeti Production
    theme children's