Superfights is a 1995 martial arts film directed and choreographed by Tony Leung Siu-Hung. The film stars newcomer Brandon Gaines, Chinese actress Yu Feihong, and martial artists Keith Vitali, Chuck Jeffreys, Cliff Lenderman, and Brian Ruth amongst others. The film was the first American production by Hong Kong-based Seasonal Film Corporation since their 1991 film American Shaolin.


Jack Cody has always been a fan of the Superfights, a televised event that meshes the likes of martial arts and professional wrestling. During an event, Jack meets one of his idols, No Mercy Budokai, who while cheering is nearly given a cheap chair shot by the heel known as The Enforcer. Jack blocks the chair shot and Budokai thanks him before competing in the ring. Budokai wins the fight against the Enforcer to the crowd's delight.