The Nanny Express

The Nanny Express

The Nanny Express is a Hallmark Channel television film. It premiered on Hallmark Channel on July 11, 2008, and stars Vanessa Marcil, Dean Stockwell, and Brennan Elliott.


After the passing of their mother three years prior, Ben and Emily have driven their father David crazy by driving away 20 nannies with sabotaged appliances and Ben's pet rat in the clothes. The film shows a life of a young girl, Kate, who looks after her dad. She is looking for work and Beverly Hills offers her a job as a nanny for David’s family. The children take an immediate dislike to her as she is "just another maid." After all the incidents, she takes it surprisingly well yet the kids expect her to leave. After a while of shenanigans, Kate and Ben become friends yet Emily keeps her distance. Eventually, David reveals to Kate that his wife was hit and killed by a drunk driver which badly affected Emily as this happened on her birthday. Though Emily doesn't want her father to date Kate and plans to set him up with her ballet teacher.