Shororipu 2: Jotugriho

Shororipu 2: Jotugriho is an upcoming Bengali psychological crime-thriller written and directed by Ayan Chakraborty. It is the second film in the Shororipu franchise. Rupa Dutta is the producer and Camellia Productions is the presenter. The film stars Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Arunima Ghosh, and Saswata Chatterjee in lead roles. The story follows a girl Megha (Ghosh), who was getting ready to marry her boyfriend but in a shocking turn of events she to marry her father’s friend Debraj. After eight years of oppressed marriage life Debraj dies in mysterious circumstances. Detective Chandrakanta (played by Chakraborty) investigates the case.


In a shocking turn of events, Megha, who was getting ready to marry her boyfriend, must now marry Debraj, her father's friend. Eight years go by and she suffers extreme psychological turmoil until one day Debraj is found dead. Is it an accident or a murder? Detective Chandrakanta is called to investigate.

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    director Ayan Chakraborty
    genre crime thriller
    keywords shock
    musicBy Rupam Islam
    producer Rupa Dutta
    productionCompany Camellia Productions